Alright ladies and gentlemen – we’re goin’ hardcore this time.

I’m sure you’ve heard about Mr. Yiannopoulos. The outspoken, but extremely good-looking, “Alt-Right” – emphasis on the quotations marks there –  gay guy Nazi who was spreading hate throughout the Western World toward the end of 2017.


He’s been quoted as saying things such as, “Feminism is cancer,” and other things like, “it’s okay for boys to be touched by older men, so they can discover themselves” – or something like that. Don’t quote me. But you get the point. However, one thing to remember is that these headlines came from the Main Stream Media (MSM), and if you haven’t realized by now – they’re not the best source of information.

Then again, neither is this article. So, go do your own damn research – you got a big brain and a full heart. Don’t let anything stop you on your way. Because THIS article is to inform anyone with an open mind about what it was like to go and see Milo, and hear him speak. And be a part of the crowd. A crowd that was in fact, not full of Nazi’s –  Maybe just full of a majority of One Nation voters. But let me tell you about that night …

Credit: The Australian

Whilst driving there, I received a text message – from my mother.  All it said was, “Don’t get arrested.” I recall laughing at it and saying aloud, “It’s Queensland – we never protest seriously up here.” And I was right.

Upon pulling up and finding a park under the Gold Coast Convention Centre, not one single “Protester,” or any members of The Progressive Left, stood outside hurling abuse or trying to beat on anyone. There were no remarks about Nazi’s or Antifa (Having to write that really highlights something) No one was holding signs denouncing Milo or his followers. Even the presents of Queensland Police Services Officers were at a minimum. Admittedly, I was not surprised. This was Queensland after all, and up in Queensland, even things such as Milo Yiannopoulos’s hate filled gathers is not enough to entice people out in huge numbers. I’d say you can do better Queensland, but instead, I’m just going to move on.

Once finding a park, and regaining myself after cursing the citizens of the state, I headed inside to a flight of stairs. And that’s where I begin to see them. They all differed – as humans tend to do. From ages, and sexes. A noticeable trait was that we were all mostly white. I don’t know why that is – I’m not some sort of “know it all,” But I’m sure if people of colour and/or of noticeable religious beliefs were in attendance, they would have been wholly respected.

The next thing I noticed were the frequent pops of red through the crowd coming from Make America Great Again hats. And upon looking at some of the owners of those hats, I saw that their shirts said things like “Trump and Pence 2020” and “TRUMP 2016.” Now – I’m not here to bag on Trump. You can think whatever you’d like about him. Because the thing that I didn’t understand looking at those shirts was, “How in the name of FUCK is that relevant to Australia. Australian Politics or Australian Citizens?” I mean, I admire their passion and sure America runs the world in one way or another, but keep your focuses on what happening at home man. Because that’s what’s important. However, it wasn’t until I got into the Hall allocated for the nights event that I was truly able to see who had come to listen to this elegantly dressed, foul mouthed, yet extremely comical man, speak. And what followed, was a small but powerful wave of enthusiasm.

The overwhelming presents of the younger demographic. People aged between 18 – 24. Sure, there were your older, more “hard lined” libertarian and conservative, free speech lovers (the MAGA and One Nation crowd) But the sight of people so young, having at least some sense of political awareness, attending a talk from a man that the main stream media – the same media they had grown up with and listened to their whole lives – gave so many distasteful labels was a sight to be enthused about. “Maybe we could have a great political change in this country,” I thought, but was it purely out of spite that they had come? Because they were told not to come? Perhaps it was just plain curiosity that had brought them here. Or was it something more? Either way we will need to wait until the next Double Dissolution election for that to be answered. But the fact they were there, at a place, in front of a man of whom the media and political left would much rather them not see or be influenced by, was something to be embraced. Not the man himself or his abuse – just the idea.

Credit: Playboy Magazine

Milo posed as an ancient Queen of Beauty as he was wheeled out from behind a black curtain, sitting atop a Jet Ski, that was being taxied to the stage by 6 very muscular men. And through a barrage of applause and cheers from the surrounding crowd, the first thing he had to say behind his podium was, “Oh my – there sure are a lot of you fuckers down there.” And so, it was from here that the banter Milo Yiannopoulos is infamous for, began.

He covered many topics to do with Australian politics, culture and attempted to touch of issues that were affecting us – The people. Comments such as, “Darling Australians – we’ve got to talk. You’ve lost your way,” in regard to our multiculturalism. And then focusing on such demographics as the Muslim, and Lebanese population. Expressing that the Lebanese population in Australia “The Apex Gang” was, “In contrast – people for Gang rapes. Just like Black people in America were responsible for basket ball and rap.” Furthermore, he explained that Muslims in Australia get away with rape due to their own “religious culture.” Other notable quotes from his speech that night are as followers.

Regarding Western Civilizations, Milo expressed that, “We are at war with Islam – and we entered that war even before we realized it had begun” but, shinning a light into this supposed war, he reaffirmed, “That American is our friend.” Furthermore, he instructed his followers that we should, “Go home and do something for the Western Civilisation,” which was reproducing.

These comments about the West got the crowd roaring. Many laughed, and many agreed. But still, as I looked around at them whilst he spoke, there were still heads holding faces of confusion upon them. Unknown on what to think? Or just confused as to why this man on stage was speaking about such things? I’m never to know. But what I experienced from his next comments was again, a sight to be enthused by.

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He began speaking about Indigenous Australians. Saying that, “Aboriginals, along with the progressive left, only set out to make people feel bad,” and that, “Aboriginal art is shit. And even though you all pretend to enjoy it, along with their culture – it’s still shit.” But referring to the traditional aboriginal instrument, The Didgeridoo, as a, “Hollowed out log with holes at either end,” prompted a young man, maybe mid 20’s to rise from his chair in protest.  “You fucking racist faggot,” he said before walking out amidst a barrage of abuse from other members in the crowd. And, although I did not agree with what Milo was saying about Indigenous Australians – I was proud of this lonely man in the crowd. And wished that more would have spoken out. But of course, that did not happen.

More comments about the progressive left, the Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull, Australia’s culture, America, Donald Trump and various other topics were convayed to the crowd from Milo. However, towards the end of his speech, he – as I felt anyway – had finally shot himself in the foot, and therefore made a complete and utter irrelevant fool of himself, and his “Movement.”

A few days prior to his speech on the Gold Coast, Milo Yiannopoulos spoke in Melbourne. That appearance, of which was over exaggerated by the mainstream media, was where he got a shoe thrown at him. Just as ex-Prime Minister John Howard, and former President George W Bush had experienced in previous cases. Although, Milo’s case – of course – was to be made into something more than it was. For at the end of his speech on the Gold Coast that night, he brought up this incident and further divulged that he auctioned off the shoe. Raising a profit of $2,100. Of which he most proudly donated to Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party.

  In conclusion of this funny, but extremely draining experience of Milo Yiannopoulos – my only bias is this. Prior to him speaking in Queensland in November, we had a State Election. Hanson’s One Nation Party was spoken up before polling day and was expected to do well and receive a majority in the Queensland Senate. However, they got annihilated and only won 1 seat throughout the entirety of the State. A complete embarrassment, resulting in the Party, and Pauline Hanson as it’s leader, to become irrelevant in the Political light of Queensland – Putting Mr. Yiannopoulos in the same category.