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It all started with a love for the ocean.


From the shores of the Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast, eviekini is seaside luxe kini brand that embodies high-quality materials with unique styles and prints. Plus, 5% of all sales goes towards saving the Fraser Island Dingoes.

With an eye for design and a passion for nature, Evie Keevil stepped out of university and straight into the business world. Evie, 22, launched her swimwear brand eviekini in November last year after almost two years of designing, redesigning and working with manufacturers to find the perfect fit.


Inspired by the beauty of Fraser Island and her passion for creating beautiful, high quality kinis has led to the creation of her first collection- Hidden Paradise. The entire collection was designed on Fraser Island, the fabric is made in Italy and bikinis produced in Bali.

Evie was turned away from 30 banks, moved away from home, quit her job, and spent every last dollar she had to chase her dream.

“Swimwear design has always been my dream, it’s something I have always wanted to do.” 

Why did you choose the Fraser Island Dingo foundation?

I have grown up with the dingoes on Fraser Island (we have been visiting the island for over 20 years) and slowly we have watched the dingo's health get worse and worse. But it wasn't until my ten-year-old brother, Noah, got really upset by seeing a dingo puppy really malnourished, he was almost in tears. Seeing him so upset was what gave me the drive to try and do something. eviekini is providing Australians with the opportunity to help secure a future for the Fraser Island Dingo with 5% of every sale going directly to Save the Fraser Island Dingoes, as well as a Go Fund Me page to raise additional funds.

"Our objective is to ensure that the Fraser Island dingo not only survives but thrives on their Island home and establish a much needed Wildlife Care Centre on the Island. This Wildlife Care Centre will not only benefit the dingo but all wildlife on Fraser."


What are your plans for eviekini and personally?

Eviekini is only 8 weeks old at the moment, so the world is our oyster. But currently, we are painting/designing the prints and styles for next seasons collection. In the next couple of years, we plan to work closely with the Save the Fraser Island Dingo organisation and try to have as much impact as we can, design beautiful bikinis and have them worn by women everywhere.


Personally, as cliche as it sounds, I would love to spend the rest of my life doing something I love. To launch Eviekini has been my goal for the last 5 years, so going live with the website and selling my kinis is like living in a dream. It still doesn't feel real yet. My goal is to be able to do this full time and to work with a creative team to create beautiful prints and styles.




evikini rarlo magazine



Photography credit: @lucieemilyphotography