We heard a rumour that Sushi Train don’t reuse their lids. So we packed our cameras and set out for a good old fashion stakeout.

We went to number of sushi train locations around the Gold Coast on a number of nights. Each night, employees would take bags of rubbish with hundreds of used Sushi plate lids out to the industrial bins. All of these lids go to landfill. The plastic they use is such poor quality that they aren’t even recyclable. Of course we cannot say that ‘Every’ Sushi Train throws out ‘Every’ lid but we can show what we documented. 

Imagine how many plates of sushi are eaten at eat location, multiply that by 48 locations and then multiply that by every day of the year they are open.

That’s a lot of fucking lids!

The current state of big business is terrible. The strive for lower overheads and bigger profits has caused many businesses (not just Sushi Train) to put sustainability and the environment lower on their priority list.  The bottom line of most businesses is to make money. Which means that it is cheaper for Sushi Train to manufacturer the sushi plate lids (overseas), ship them to all of their stores and then throw them in the bin after each use; instead of using higher quality plastic (or another material) that can be washed and reused. They wash and reuse the plates every time, why can’t they do the same for the lids?  

I know it is ignorant to say “don’t use plastic”, which is why we are not saying that. The issue with Sushi Train is that there are sustainable options available; which many smaller sushi restaurants already use. Lids can be washed and reused.

The power of consumers is incredible. A business can’t operate without customers. Which means that we have the power to make small businesses, medium businesses and multinational corporations change what they do if we work together.  

If you believe that Sushi Train should be more eco-friendly; let them know by not eating there and use the hashtag #banthelid.  Share this article/video with your friends and sign the petitions below. Hopefully they will make a conscious effort to become more eco-friendly.