Words and photography by Tim Jamieson

‘What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create’
– Buddha

Muslims, Taoists and Buddhists live in a Mosque and two temples set almost touching, nestled into a small hill in the Helan mountains. They have lived here and prayed here side by side for generations in this remote area of China’s northern Ningxia province.

A portrait of a Uyghur woman smiling in a pink hijab.

At a time in the world where religion seems to be on the lips of so many as the cause for widespread war and terror across the globe, perhaps we should be focusing on humanity as a whole. It is humans that have an incredible aptitude for hate and ignorance but also love.

A devout individual shaking out a prayer mat in the sun.

Two monks in traditional garb holding Buddhist prayer beads.

The peaceful beliefs that religious people hold for themselves in all corners of the planet should be just as valid and respected as those who have none. Once we move past religion and blame, maybe we can begin to build our relationships and slowly but surely start to fix the problems we have created as human beings.

Portrait of a monk with a clean shaven head.

Red prayer flags hanging outside a temple.

‘Show forgiveness, enjoin kindness and avoid ignorance’
Quran 7:199

Portrait of a smiling Chinese man.

The rooftop of a local place of worship.