Our Favourite Goon Sack Reviews.

The year is 1965. 

Thomas Angove, a winemaker from South Australia, is about to revolutionise the way we consume fermented grape juice. The idea sparked from a similar bag-in-a-box product already on the market which carried battery acid.

“AHA! Why do we need to put wine in a bottle? Just put it in a sack!”* – Angove said.

*Not an actual quote.

And thus, the goon sack was born.

Goon is love. Goon is life. Goon is the go-to Aussie cheap alcoholic elixir of the Gods. Some define goon as “Cask Wine”, or wine in a box, but we’re not wine drinkers, we’re goon drinkers, and we know what goon really is.” – the-goon-experience.com

The meaning of the word Goon is still under debate. Some say it comes from the word flagon, a large vessel used to hold wine way back in the day. Others say that it was a classic misunderstanding when Angove had just polished off a 4L sack of gold and someone asked him,

“Hey Tommo, what is that majestic vessel your drinking from? It looks good.”

“iT’s GOooooDddNn!,” Thomas slurred.

And the rest is history.

The goon sack was revolutionary – in its own special way. The airtight vessel was not subject to cork taint and could last for weeks after being opened – compared to bottled wines which should be consumed within days of opening. And once finished, it can be inflated and used as a pillow or floatation device.

But this isn’t a history lesson or a science lesson on alcohol oxidation. Or is it? Nah it’s not.

Love it or hate it. The goon sack is staying around and from the reviews online it is clear that people really care about their sack of gold liquid. Although you can actually buy pretty decent (expensive) wine in a sack, for this segment we are going to focus on Goon, the sweet, fruity nectar that is; cask white wine.


We thought we would accompany the reviews with some quality stock photos of what we believe best represents the reviewers.


Golden Oak Fruity White Cask 4L

Got a bit of a sweet tooth? Golden Oak’s Fruity Lexia is perfect for those who like their whites on the sweeter side with luscious tropical fruit backbone.

$10 for 4L

“favourite cask wine

very quaffable wine goes well with anything very easy to drink”

Reviewed by bourbonman1 – Male (Over 60 years) from Thornleigh


“not bad but overpriced

fantastic drink but way to expensive should be enjoyed in a group to share out costs”

Reviewed by Luke “Goonmaster” – (Over 60 years)

“The Cara Delevingne of Cask Wine

I’ve got to hand it to the team at Golden Oak, this concoction must’ve be derived from Zeus’ own sweat glands to have produced such an exquisite drop. Struggling for that last minute wedding gift? Golden Oak’s Fruity Lexia has got you sorted.”

Cons: it’s not cara delevingne

Reviewed by Geoff – (20-29 years)

“Best thing ever!

I was lost. Then I found Golden Oak Fruity Lexia and I found myself. I finally understood why I was put here and what I was meant to do. Thank you, Mr Golden Oak. Thank you.”

+Pros: tastes like magic

Cons: doesn’t go well with eel

Reviewed by Kyle K – Male (30-39 years) from South Australia

“Great 2015 Vintage

This year has produced the best drop since 08. Strong Sweet backbone is complemented with peach and cinnamon undertones. Perfect to complement a frothy one with the boys on Friday.”

Reviewed by Stvoe – Male (18-19 years) from Sydney


“Too sweet!

Kinda what I expected. Cheap goon for sipping at the backyard bogan fest. Unfortunately, will appeal to the younger less refined crowd. Nice aroma, I’ll give it that, and it pairs well with zesty salads, but too sweet for my palate. Good price for 4 litres, but you get what you pay for.”

Reviewed by Mr. Edwards – Male (30-39 years) from Toowoomba QLD


Sunnyvale Fruity Lexia Cask 4L

Sunnyvale Fruity Lexia is made for lovers of sweet wine, who love a great price. It’s also a fantastic addition to punch!

$14  for 4L


“Please direct me to the manafacturours

The wine I purchased taste like water and was certainly not 40 drinks per cask. Please direct me to the manafacturers the email I put down making this review I can be contacted at…”

Cons: everything

Reviewed by Jess – (20-29 years)


“A stunner, literally

Literally stunning. Sweet nectar to keep in the fridge. Value for money. Clean and fruity finish. Easy to drink at any time of day and for all occasions.”

Reviewed by Bazois – Male (50-59 years) from Tocumwal NSW 2714, Australia

Coolabah Sweet Fruity White Cask 5L

Luscious fruit and grape flavours with a touch of floral complexity make this a wine for all occasions and seasons.

$13 for 5L


“A nice drop

5 liters of one of the cheapest best tasting wines freeze it and you get a slushy never forget fruity white is all right

Pros: tasty cheap and you get a pillow when you finish it”

Reviewed by Dinga – Male (20-29 years)


“Yummy drink

It’s cheap abs tastes good ans it goes well with a lot of things”

Reviewed by Natty – Female (20-29 years) from Melton


“Cant Get Enough

Perfect to get you wrecked for all occasions, rain hail or shine, from family weddings, and formal dinners, to birthday parties and camping trips, needs no mixers, best to leave in the sun for atleast an hour to intensify the aromatic flavours, can not get enough of it, would recommend to anyone.

+Pros: perfect

Cons: perfect there are no cons”

Reviewed by Hyundai Excels and Goon – Male (20-29 years) from Grafton

“Just when I thought it couldn’t get better!

My love is back, bigger and better! Needs no mixer as it’s genuinely delightful. Quite a splendid drop when accompanied by some cheese and dips. Makes for an impeccable Cheeseday evening as well as messy pre-drinking games. Look no further!”

Reviewed by goon4lyfe – Male (20-29 years) from St Lucia, Australia


Stock photos from pexelsReviews from dan murphys