I didn’t travel to the Lofoten islands for comfort.

I slept in a car for nine days just so I could choose to wake up to what ever view I wanted. Waking up with snow covered beaches surrounded by mountains that encompassed the whole of the coast line, hundreds of sea gulls amongst red cabins constructed right on the fjords and slithers of green aurora snake through the sky. These are some of the sights you will find yourself experiencing when you sleep out in the elements.

Sounds all good and well but you have to be prepared for the weather. Consistent sub zero degree weather, wind so strong that it’ll instantly feel like it’s cracking your lips, ice covered roads after the constant snow storms that’ll leave you shivering. But all this can change in thirty minutes, going from thinking you have a great chance to see the northern lights to have a sky full of black cloud moments away from consuming all the blue sky you can see.

I originally traveled to northern Norway (Lofoten) solo but upon my arrival on the ferry across the sea to the islands, I met a backpacker from Slovakia, who joined me on my trip for 3 days.

“He was in search of an alternate lifestyle, a new life.”

I drove him around to small harbours where he was in search of a job on a fishing vessel. His last day with me came around and he departed with a text message saying that they have a job for him so a new adventure had opened up for him.

I continued my trip in search for visual gems to photograph. I found myself stopping nearly every twenty minutes as the landscape was so rugged but yet beautiful as array of colour from the mountains, to the snow, to the blue ocean, all in a single frame. This trip was visually breathtaking.

The Lofoten islands, a place very far away from home.