People, places & passion.

We jump off the beaten track in this issue. Sharing stories of visiting strange places and new dimensions. Some call it adventure, others call it insane. We call it passion. And there’s plenty of it in this issue. 

Issue Two

Our first issue was great. Stockists ending up hoarding their last copy so people wouldn’t take it. This issue will be even better.

500 copies

Limited print run using recycled paper. Grab a copy at your local cafe, studio, creative space, coffee table in Byron Bay, Melbourne and Gold Coast. 


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Heaps of Cool Shit Inside

Including work from these legends:, Kim Feldmann, Alberto Zimmermann, Laurence James, Alex Lostak, Alisha Smith, Aidan May, Luke Hynd, Darcy Ward, Nicole Heker, John Jeremy, Dirk Eschenbacher, Will Brown, Kika Fuenzalida, Lucca Debonis, Saxon Evers, Cyril Afonso, Ayden Stoefen, Noose and Dagger, Kyokill, Tom Hoy, Li Dawn, Aaron Chapman, Liam Blenkinsop, Cassetminds, Hyoshifilm, Cal Foster and Cameron Peters.


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