Whoah! It’s finally here – the first issue of Rarlo Magazine. 


( It’s Free – just pay postage) 

It has been a long road to get this puppy printed but we sure are stoked with it. In this issue of Rarlo Magazine, we dive into the deep blue with an underwater photographer, surf in ireland with Louie Hynd, dive in dumpsters, skate in vegas, learn to switch off our phones, shop without plastic and take a dump at 6000m in Nepal (plus a lot more)

None of this would have been possible without our contributors:

Aaron Chapman, Katja Bak, Liam Costar, Kimberley Nuttall-Smith, Larissa Milo-Dale, Will Brown, Daniela Grimberg, Luke Hynd, Katja Bak, Matt English, Mikel Rutherford, Mathew Kay, Amy Crow, Courtenay McCue, Aidan Ryan, Danni Simpson, imjustascribbler, Eugenia Hauss, Ellythea Wahlstrom, Blaze Parsons, Luke Workman & Saeed Rahbaran

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Is it Free?

The reason Rarlo Magazine is free is that fortunately, we get a lot of entertainment for free (the only cost is our sanity)  so we wanted our magazine to be accessible to everyone. However, printing magazine does cost money so we had a number of legendary businesses place their ads in our magazine. We didn’t allow any business to advertise in our magazine. Each business aligns with our values. You won’t see any Woolworths ads in the magazine, don’t worry. Even though advertising in Rarlo Magazine is probably the best investment they will make this year – we would still like to thank them for supporting us.


Electric Bubble, Hotel Miami, Young Henrys, Morenna Espresso and Shibui Film.

Next time you see them – make sure you mention us.