Who is Rarlo ?

Rarlo is an elusive companion. He dabbles in art, photography, skating, surfing and loves when adventures don’t go to plan. He likes people, different people with different ideas. An uncle to some, a mate to others. He doesn’t care what car you drive or what job you have. Most of the time his phone is on silent or out of credit – he still hasn’t committed to a phone plan. The kinda guy who is happy if your happy. Hanging around surf shops, skate stores, cafes, campfires and your mates coffee table, sharing stories and planting inspiration. You can even take Rarlo home for free. There are 250 of him distributed around the Gold Coast every few months. Each time you see him he has something new to show you.

He lives his life by 4 rules. Each have their own place, each have their own importance. It’s all about how much you think about it. Or how much you don’t think about it.

  1. Bright colours and straight lines
  2. Always watch wild animals
  3. There are no bad days
  4. Keep on keeping on

Rarlo Magazine Overview:

  • It’s a free magazine that doesn’t suck.
  • 250 copies, each copy individually numbered
  • Independently published.
  • Printed quarterly. Starting with Summer 2018-2019.
  • Created by over 30 contributors from Australia and abroad.
  • A4 size.  Printed on 25% recycled paper.
  • Distributed to 50 locations in Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Brisbane & Sunshine Coast.
  • Placed in cafes, studios, surf shops, clothing stores, coffee tables and open palms.
  • Filled with youth culture, art, photography, travel, writing, politics, nature, surfing, skating and other radical gnarlinesses.