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420 Rally


On July 18th, the Australian Sex Party hosted their annual 420 rally on the Gold Coast. The event drew supporters who are in favour of the legalisation of marijuana for both medical and recreational uses.

Queensland Sex Party Senate Candidate Robin Bristow, President of the Queensland Branch of the Australian Sex Party Dr Mark McGovern and members of the Sex and Hemp parties engaged with attendees and enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere of The 420 Rally. Offering a chance for the Australian public to be reminded that the Sex and HEMP parties are engaged in a joint effort (excuse the pun) to see the legalisation of medicinal and recreational marijuana become a reality. The rally also offered the chance for participants to make a civil act of defiance to the law and smoke marijuana publically. As a result, it showed members of the public and members of the Queensland Police Service that watched over the event, that those who wish to be under the influence of marijuana still remain a respectable class of citizen. QPS chose not to arrest those who attended but instead chose to only lookout for the attendees’ safety.

The seriousness of this peaceful protest against marijuana laws was highlighted by the attendance of epilepsy suffer, Joseph and his parents. Joseph, who is sadly confined to a wheel chair as a result of his serious epileptic seizures, emphasised the urgency for a legalised medical marijuana bill to be passed in Queensland as soon as possible. Joseph’s parents provide him with illegal cannabis oil to relieve the harsh symptoms he has to endure. It was divulged that he had broken a number of bones, multiple times, due to his seizures. The use of cannabis oil has proven to be beneficial on both his mental and physical conditions. But, regrettably, due to the current legality of marijuana in Queensland, his parents are in breach of criminal law – just for looking after their son. A law that, if elected, Candidate Robin Bristow would fight to change.

Josephs attendance at The 420 rally highlighted a very real and frequent problem that many law abiding families go through in the effort to look after a loved one. It’s not a choice that these families would make willingly, and in many cases would not be their first choice. But the option of medical marijuana is an option that has proven to work. And it’s an option that Queenslanders, and Australians nationwide, need to have access to.

Having members of the Australian Sex and HEMP parties in the Senate will instil the argument for change. An argument that has been brewing for over 80 years. However, when it comes to the conversation of using marijuana for recreational purposes, the stigma of who a “stoner” is, clouds the way to change. People who smoke marijuana is anyone on any level of society. All users understand that marijuana is a substance of leisure and is to be used with responsibility and maturity.

Speaking to both Robin and Mark about their thoughts on marijuana usage and legalisation throughout the event, it was found that their responses provided the common sense mentality that is needed on the topic of Marijuana use.

Robin told me that the legalisation of marijuana was a “Double win situation.”

“Legalised Hemp takes the money out of criminals and the underground black market and puts that money back into the hands of the government. Which then can be focused on things such as healthcare. It needs to be treated as a health issue rather than a criminal issue,” Robin said.

Robin’s approach to an issue that has been scrutinized for years, conveys his utmost seriousness in his reasons for wanting marijuana legalised. He then commented on what the purpose of The 420 Rally was. Stating that,

“The event is a starting point. And the fact that people are using marijuana in front of the police is an act of civil defiance against marijuana laws and this creates a snowball effect. Because they [the police] either choose to arrest everyone who is smoking or they “turn a blind eye.”

The 420 Rally is indeed the start and has a very real potential of creating the snowball effect needed to entice political change when it comes to marijuana laws. Mark’s comments follow the same common sense approach. Stating that if marijuana were to be legalised that it would then be a matter of maturity and that

“Adults should be able to be free and do what they want and know the consequences.”

Further saying that if marijuana were to be legalised, he feels that people should be free to grow it, as well as purchase it from a legitimate vendor. Stating that,

“If pot was legalised, growers could set up a shop and be subject to tax regulations for selling. And even possibly be subject to tobacco taxes. But most importantly these businesses would be contributing to the state/countries economy.”

In summary, it’s time for the Queensland government to have a mature debate about Marijuana. Robin Bristow, and members from the HEMP party, will provide that much needed maturity. The time for politics and rhetoric is over, and it’s now time for the country to set itself up for success and path the way to a better future.

Robin or the Australian Sex Party are more than eligible for your number 1 vote in the senate. Give it to them to see the change you’ve been looking for.